New Idea in the Works

Hello readers! I hope you’re having a great Monday. I have something new up my sleeve today that Im excited to share with you!

WARNING: Long post with all words and no visuals. Please do read on however 🙂

If you read my blog regularly, you know that most of my posts are about the projects I do around the apartment. This is of course the main reason that I write, I LOVE sharing these experiences and accomplishments with everyone. I usually post once every couple of weeks, and while school and work were big parts of my life for several months, I was content with this rate of output (business major here, excuse the weird terminology haha!). Now that I’ve graduated and I’ve just got work to focus on, I would really like to push myself to create more content on a more regular basis. Maybe two or three times a week? We will see.

I’ve been thinking about content to write about other than my projects around the house, but something still related to decorating and DIY projects and things. I had an idea yesterday that I started to develop, and I was hoping for some input on your end.

The basic idea: This series would be a once-a-week feature on my blog. It is a wishlist of sorts that I build each week. I love looking online at other people’s projects as well as new products for the home, and I’m always saying to myself “Oooh! I would love that one day!”.

So the post would be split up between Buys (things I’d like to buy for my home in the future) and DIYs (things I’d like to make for my home in the future). Along with this list, I might commentate on the advantages of said products/projects. This commentating on my part would be advice giving for those who might be looking for help as to how to decorate on a budget or just how to decorate period.

Of course I must say I am NOT a professional at decorating in any way. This fact does make me nervous about giving decorating advice, but I also have gained some experience in decorating for other people. So I hope those experiences alone might allot some credibility on my end.

So far these are all of the details I’ve come up with. As I said before, I would really love to hear from you all and would appreciate any advice or critique you might have to offer. I have a few readers at this point, and while I want to stay true to me and write about what makes me happy, I also am aware of my small and growing audience and I want to make sure you enjoy what I put out.

So with that, please feel free to comment and let me know what you think. I’m about to commit more of my time and energy to this blog, and I want to do it right. Thank you so much for reading! I truly am grateful for each and every one of you who does take the time to read what I put out. ♥





Floral Frame Decoration

Hey all! Happy Friday, I hope you’re having a fantastic week!

I’ve been busy with school (four more days!!), but thankfully I’ve been able to squeeze some time in to work on decorations for a bridal shower. It’s coming up in a little over a week, and the decorations are coming together nicely!


I decorated this frame a couple of nights ago, the greenery was a last minute decision but I LOVE how it turned out! Sometimes spur of the moment ideas are the best ones.

I took some scrapbooking paper and applied some sticker letters to it and framed that. I wasn’t planning on adding the greenery as I said, but it needed a little something, and I had some leftovers from the Polaroid decoration I made a few days before. So I took some hot glue and applied those pieces to the frame. It’s a nice edition to the “garden party” theme that was requested by the bride.

So if you’re throwing a party and want to have a designated space for cards, gifts, food, etc., adding a decorated frame like this is a fun and unique way to do that. Plus, once the event is over, you can always use it as a frame you keep in your home, maybe somewhere you ‘d like to draw attention to specifically.

This was short and sweet, but I couldn’t resist sharing, I’ve made a lot of decorations so far, and this is one of my favorites out of them all. Sometimes simple things stand out to me the most I guess.

Thanks for reading!