July Favorites

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Hey WordPress friends! How are you doing? Hope you all had a fun July 🙂 I had the busiest month and made some of the best memories of the summer, and possibly for years to come! As you may have read a few weeks back, my computer broke down, and my summer term was starting on top of that, so I decided to make my weekly highlights into a monthly highlights feature. That way I could have more time to work on it and make it interesting and not something rushed and put out right away.

I decided to take some time and change up the structure of this feature, I added some new elements to it so hopefully you guys like what I put out! With that I’ll go ahead and jump right into July!

Favorite Experiences:

Fourth of July

Kristofer and I spent Independence Day with my parents and it was one of the most relaxing days that I’ve had in a long time. We spent the day on their boat, and we made our way down to the annual Blues Festival in Portland. The sun was out, the distant sound of jazz/blues was playing in the background and all of the sweet smells from the river were in the air. It truly was a perfect day. This time last year, Kris and I were preparing for our wedding and there was a lot going on even after it was over, so we never got a chance to spend time on the boat that summer. We were so glad we could make time for it this year.

We floated around in the water all day, and then once it was dark, we watched the fireworks together. It was beautiful! I did my best to put my phone away and enjoy the spectacle, but I wanted to snap a few photos to see if I could take one decent one, and I ended up with this gem ♥


It’s a little difficult to see this in the background of the photo, but there is a huge bridge that goes over the water, and dozens of cars were pulled over into the shoulder to check out the show, it happens every year and it aways make me laugh.


I took this photo on the way back to the dock. I don’t know what it is about being in the city at night time, but I fall in love with all of the lights when they turn on and interact with each other, and it looks even more beautiful reflected off of the water ♥


Portland Zoo Trip

For my friend’s birthday this year, she wanted to go to the zoo, so we spent the day there. Cute animals, nice weather, it was a great combination!

The giraffe on the left was being ridiculous and flailing his tongue around, literally. I couldn’t stop laughing, and thankfully I snapped a decent photo of it. In the middle is the baby elephant we saw, we arrived at the elephant exhibit right as feeding time was starting, so we got to see it splash and play in the water. The right photo, and quite possibly my favorite photo EVER, was taken in the goat petting zoo. I love goats, I think they are goofy and cute and adorable all at the same time, and I want to have a goat farm one day because I’m very weird…Anyway I took this photo of us together, and it seriously looks like he is smiling for the picture. How cute is that?! ♥♥♥

Afterwords, we drove into Portland to grab some Voodoo Donuts, because if you spend a day in Portland, you can’t not eat donuts from there. Afterwards we grabbed dinner and with it I had a delicious black cherry mojito (BEST drink at Buffalo Wild Wings, for sure) then called it a day. It was so fun and just so nice to get out of the house and out of town for a little while.

One Year Anniversary

The day after the zoo trip was me and my husband’s one year anniversary. Unfortunately I had to work later on that day, so we got up early to do our celebrating. I had a surprise planned for him where I wrote down several different reasons why I love him, and I hid them in different locations for him to find, like a scavenger hunt. He really enjoyed it and I really enjoyed planning it. When you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you learn to get creative with your gift ideas, and this is one I’m proud of ♥ Also, at the wedding, we had a cake specifically for us, and we had cupcakes for our guests. We were so busy during the reception that we only got a couple of bites, so when our anniversary came around on the 16th, we had basically an entire cake! Unfortunately we didn’t finish it in time before it went bad, but we were able to eat a decent amount still. I can’t believe it has been a whole year being married to this wonderful man, it has been the best year of my life ♥


I took this photo of Kris while he was looking for all of the clues (each reason why I love him came with a clue for the next location).

John Mayer Concert

Kristofer and I saw John Mayer in Portland on the 22nd on his Search for Everything Tour at the Moda Center. It has been a couple of weeks, and I still can’t stop raving about how much fun it was! The best part about the whole night was that our tickets were upgraded when we got there. We ended up being just above ground level and a few hundred feet away from the stage. He played a lot of his new songs, and some old favorites of mine. One in particular that he played was Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’ with the John Mayer Trio. I love love LOVE his version of it, and I was so overjoyed when I heard him sing it ♥♥♥ There wasn’t a dull moment at his show, and he always keeps up a conversation with his audience in between sets. It was so much fun!


This is my favorite photo of the concert that I took, one of like…a million LOL.

The Night Game opened for him, and they had great music! The frontman for the band Boys Like Girls, Martin Johnson, helped form the group and they played a few of their new songs. If you have a chance, listen to their song Outfield, it’s very catchy!


Favorite Outfits

I wore this dress to the John Mayer concert. I bought it at Old Navy about a month ago, and finally had an excuse to wear it! It is a light material, so it was perfect for the part of the day we were standing outside in the hot sun.


This outfit is pretty simple, but most of my wardrobe is, and I try to keep it that way. I wore this dress to my graduation ceremony last month and it was perfect for the hot weather I had to endure while sitting outside. So it is a great item for summer and is light enough to wear out. The cardigan was something I bought just a couple of days ago, and my, is it cozy! I usually go for sweaters and jackets that are grey or black because they can be paired with so much! Plus, this will be a good cardigan to wear for when the weather transitions into fall when it’s both warm and cool. I hope I can make this one last for a long time!

Favorite Songs

Emoji of a Wave by John Mayer – So I heard this song for the first time at the concert, and it is so pretty! What I love about his music is that it is very relaxing and calming to listen to, and this song is a perfect example of that to me. It is one of my favorite off of his new album and I listen to it on my drives to work/school to wake me up.

Hotel California by The Eagles – I watched an interesting documentary about the band on Netflix this month. I grew up listening to them so hearing all of their songs during the film sort of put me on a binge. This song is one of my favorites by them, and it’s definitely one of their most popular ones!

Diamonds by The Boxer Rebellion – I actually heard this song for the first time today! It was playing on the radio on my way home from school, and it made for some pretty great driving music. I’ll have to check out more of their music!

How’s It Going To Be by Third Eye Blind – Basically this entire album is amazing, but that’s a lot of music to include in one post ha! So This song was chosen because it’s one of my favorites. I did some serious crafting to this album this month, some of my best work!

This concludes my monthly favorites post, I hope you enjoyed reading all about my fun adventures! July was packed full of them, and I hope August and September will be the same. You will soon find out ! 😉


Little Things of the Week #5

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! It’s hard to believe it’s already coming to a close. I’ve been busy the entire time and now that I’m actually sitting down, I wonder how it went by so quickly!

Anyway, I had a really pleasant week, and I’m ready to share with you all some of the highlights!

Weekly Feature 5-3

I took this photo in the school library on Tuesday. It was dead week last week (week before finals), and I decided to spend a few hours on the quiet flood and hammer some assignments out. I’m a weirdo, but I LOVE spending time on the quiet floor of the library. Absolute silence gives me peace and helps me relax, I know a few people who feel like they get anxious when there’s too much quiet, but I’ve always found it to be so pleasant.

I’m also not a very social person, I try and put myself out there now and then, but no one can talk or interact on this floor so that keeps me calm too. I finished a lot of homework that day, and then I came back and stayed for a few hours the next day. I was a very productive person for those two days!

Weekly Feature 5-2

This is a photo of my planner, and as you can see it is very decorated! My mother in law works at a little craft shop and she bought me all kinds of stamps and stickers for my planner throughout the year. I’m OBSESSED with them. As silly as it sounds, I feel like making my planner a little colorful and decorated makes the day seem a little more cheerful ♥ I’m a planner, I have to plan my day out, but I also like to make things pretty, so writing out my schedule is one of my favorite parts of the day.

My favorite part of this entire week was date night with my husband, which was on Wednesday. There is an old movie theater in town that plays classic movies, and they feature a different one each week. So this week they played Jaws. I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy I am about that movie, I . Love. It. I first saw it when I was six years old. I realize that is very young, but for whatever reason, I loved it.

So Kristofer took me to see it at the theater, and I had the absolute best time. As cheesy as this is, I got a little tearful during the movie. I had such a busy week, and getting to watch something that I love, that is part of my childhood, it gave me an overwhelming sense of comfort…despite the fact that it’s a movie about a killer shark LOL. Anyway, it was the best.

I’ve seen footage of people in the audience of a theater when it first came out, and all of them screaming at once when something scary happened, and I’d always thought “Man, that would be so fun to experience, to go back in time when all these classic movies came out, getting to experience it for the very first time”. When I was watching it, I felt like I was back in 1975 when Jaws had first come out, and I even got to witness everyone jump in fear when something scary happened – of course I didn’t, because I’ve seen it so many times that I knew it was coming haha.

Weekly Feature 5-4

This photo is out of order from the rest, but I spent last weekend with my friends – and former roommates up until I got married – and we went out shopping and just hung out together. They are two friends that I can be a goofball around, and I am so thankful they are part of my life ♥ When this was taken, they were getting ready to move and there were boxes everywhere. So naturally, I tried to fit into them hence this great photo.

I thought this week I’d also add a favorite music feature, and might continue it, we’ll see. But I love the show One Tree Hill, and I binged watched a few episodes this week. One of the best parts of the show is the music that plays in every episode. This show came out in the early 2000s, so whenever I watch an episode, it is such a musical throwback and I love it. There were a few songs that I heard in the show this week that were really fun to hear again.

The Mixed Tape – Jack’s Mannequin » I haven’t heard this one before until this week honestly, but it sounds like a lot of the music I listened to in my middle school years, you know,  when life was so hard and no one understood me (eye rolls encouraged LOL).

Move Along – The All-American Rejects » This song was a huge favorite when I was twelve…well…okay it’s still a favorite. I will always love this song. I have listened to this one on repeat on some pretty rough days.

A Message – Coldplay » Sadly, and in my opinion, Coldplay doesn’t have this wonderful sound anymore. This song, and this album in general was so amazing. I especially loved this song when I was in middle school. This is one of the albums that defined ages 11-14 for me.

The season I was watching aired in 2005-2006, so a lot of the music I loved at that time were during my middle school years. Hearing all those songs was a fun throwback for me!

I am sure there will be more music from OTH that I obsess over, so don’t you worry 😉

Anyway, that’s my week in a nutshell. I had a good one!

Do you have any fun throwback songs you’ve heard recently that you love? Any fun date nights you went on? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!



Little Things of the Week #2

Weekly Feature #2_LI.jpg


Hey everyone, good morning to you all!

As you may have noticed, yesterday I failed to put this post out as I said I would be doing every Friday. I had some personal things come up that required my attention and I unfortunately did not have any time left over to write. I am sorry!

I take my blog very seriously, and I want to make sure that I am consistent in my writing and as professional about the structure of this blog as I can be, and I messed up yesterday. I apologize, and I can assure you that I fully intend to write for this feature every week. I’m still learning how to fit blogging into my crazy life schedule and I still make mistakes now and then, and I’m sure mistakes will continue to occur and I plan to learn from all of them.

With that being said, I’ll go ahead and dive into this week!

This was definitely a good week, but it was also a busy one. I did twice as much homework as I normally do and Kris was sick, so not a whole lot actually happened unfortunately. But I still have some wonderful moments that I can pull out of it, and I think this week I’ll go for a “top five moments” approach.

#5 –  Monday Movie Night

On Monday, Kris and I sat down and had a movie night together, and it was everything that I needed that day. He normally works until late on Monday’s but he stayed home sick. I was exhausted from homework, and I had studied for a test all morning leading up to my class which was in the middle of the afternoon. So coming home from class after all of that and then having to do more really wiped me out! Kris and I decided that we would put our responsibilities aside and just sit down and watch something with each other, so being the adults that we are, we watched Shrek 2.

I really enjoyed that night together. I have seen this movie a thousand times, but knowing that you are watching it because you are making time to be with another person out of love for them makes the familiar experience a little more enjoyable ♥

#4 – Make Your Own Pizza

On that same night, after the movie ended, Kris and I went to the store and grabbed some ingredients to make our own pizza rather than order one. The interesting thing about our relationship is that I take so much enjoyment out of doing ordinary and simple things together. He loves to make food, LOVES it, and I know that this made him feel better since he was stuck at home sick all day for the second day in a row. I love getting to see him excited over making food, I can tell it is relaxing and fun for him to cook and I’m glad that it was able to brighten his day some.

#3 – Beautiful Oregon Sunshine

I had a really busy day on campus yesterday, but I was so happy to be there because of how bright and sunny it was! This is my last year at Western and I feel both excited and a little sad that soon I won’t be coming back. Springtime at Western is my favorite time because of how green the place looks, there’s nothing like it ♥ There are trees that hug the main campus road and they just engulf the whole area and it feels like I’m surrounded by nature rather than just school buildings.

#2 – Cleaning Up the House

Also yesterday, I took some time after my classes to clean up around the apartment. As you may have seen in my last blog entry A Great Perspective on House Cleaning, I take a lot of enjoyment out of doing chores around the house. I had a tall list of things to work on yesterday: homework, cleaning out my car, running a couple of errands, but cleaning really helped me to calm down and focus on whatever I was doing in that moment.

#1 – Guardians of the Galaxy

The part of my week that made it to number one was definitely the movie night on Thursday when my husband and brother-in-law and I watched Guardians of the Galaxy together! I had been looking forward to this movie all week. Kris and I have been trying to set aside one day every week to be together and do something fun. He has never seen this movie and I was seeing it for the first time myself technically. I say technically because when I actually did see it for the first time, people were talking through the entire thing and I had no idea what was going on. Anyway, we all really enjoyed it! I love the Marvel universe and enjoy almost all of the movies that come out, and I’m really glad that I had a chance to finally see this one. Now I’m dying to see the second movie!

So that was my week this time around! It was not very eventful with homework taking over my time and poor Kris getting sick and having to take care of him. Regardless, there are always a few gems that I can pick out that help brighten a busy week, and I’m glad I had some moments that made this week fun and memorable!

Thank you all for reading!


Little Things of the Week #1

Blog Weekly Highlights Cover Photo 1_LI.jpgHey readers! Happy Friday to you all! I hope you had a wonderful week ♥ I have something new that I’d like to try on Little Things! It’s going to be a once-a-week feature that I include and I believe that it will enhance my blogging experience, and also help me to be more personal with you all.

Once a week on Fridays, I plan on highlighting positive events that occurred during the week for me. Though I realize that my blog is centered on home decorating, I would like to incorporate more of a lifestyle element to it. I realize the importance of focusing on my theme, and so that is why this will be a once-a-week occurrence. I created Little Things because I appreciate how small, decorative elements within a room can have such a wonderful impact, and I realize now that that is how life should be looked at: Life is too short not to recognize the little blessings in our lives. Though these things can seem insignificant at first, they have a wonderful impact on our overall well being if we choose to focus on them over the negative things. It’s important to take note of the sunshine and fresh air you get to experience on a small walk, or that spare couple of dollars you have to go out and enjoy a cup of coffee, or even a dumb joke shared between you and a friend that brings you laughter every time.

I am a person that experiences anxiety quite frequently, and on rare occasion it can affect my ability to do basic tasks during the day. I have noticed though, that thinking of one or two positive things that highlighted the day for me can make a huge difference. So that is what I plan to do once every week, and today marks the first day!

So without further ado, here are the little things that brightened my week!

Blog Weekly Highlights 1-6

On Monday, life got a little more real for me when I finally picked up my cap and gown for graduation. It has taken five years of late night studying and copious amounts of coffee to finally get me here, but I am so thankful for the journey and SO excited! I’m graduating with a degree in Business Marketing, hopefully some of what I learned will help me grow this blog that I’ve got here, ha!

Blog Weekly Highlights 1-5

Another highlight of the week was watching my spaz of a cat go nuts with this box. I received a package on Monday and gave her the empty box – I also give her the paper bags I use for grocery shopping once I’m done with them, she’s pretty cute ♥ I love watching her tumble around with her favorite toy mouse in the little space the box provides for her, I tried to document it here but once she saw that I had the camera pointed at her, she went for a more serious, professional look. Having a small, furry animal in my life gives me a joyful heart, I’m so thankful for Nessy ♥

This handsome guy in the photo above is my husband Kris. We are both so busy with work and school, and our days off don’t always align which can be a bummer. This week however, we both had Wednesday off from both work and school, so we decided to make that day our date day. We spent the later part of the morning hiking Mary’s Peak in the B.E.A.utiful state of Oregon where we live. It felt wonderful getting to be outside for several hours, especially now that the weather is getting warmer here! This hike made us both sweaty and out of breath, but the view at the top was worth it! We went out for lunch once we drove back in town and found a new favorite place to eat once we finished our meal. I didn’t know a turkey sandwich could taste so amazing, but this restaurant did a fantastic job! Wednesday was a great day.

Blog weekly highlights 1-1

Thursday was a crazy day for me. I had work at 7 in the morning, and because I have to have an hour for the drive there, I got up a lot earlier than 7. After that I had to drive right to school for my Business Leadership class, then back home where I immediately started writing a paper and studying for two tests. As you can probably guess, I was exhausted by the time I got home, and I needed a pick me up real quick. I found a detox drink recipe online that helps clean the body of toxins (my stomach hasn’t been feeling well in the last few days), and I whipped that up before getting started on my assignments. I found this recipe in a top 25 list of best detox drinks (no. 2). You can look at the list here if you are interested. It gave me the energy that I needed and helped me through all of my homework for the day. Also, it was DELICIOUS!

I don’t have a photo for today, but I am considering the entire day as a highlight because it’s my homework-free day and I can do whatever I want. Taking breaks are always helpful, and I seriously need one after this busy week!

Did you all have a good week? Do you have any highlights from the last few days? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading!