Making Your Flowers Last a Little Longer

Hey readers! In this quick post, I wanted to share what I did with the flowers I received for my birthday last week.


So these are the BEAUTIFUL flowers I got last week from my family! I set them on top of the wood crates that sit in the corner of my bedroom. For a better look at what I did, you can look at my Bedroom Makeover entry.

Yesterday I had to throw them away because the petals started falling off and it made a mess all over the floor. I noticed there were a few good flowers still left over, I didn’t want to throw them away so soon, so I decided to keep the ones that are still fresh.

Repurposed Flowers 3

I took the pink roses that were still fresh as a daisy (pun intended!) and left them on the wood crates in the bedroom, along with my lovely framed scripture ♥

There were still plenty more fresh flowers to pick from, so I bundled them up and placed them throughout the apartment.

I placed the flowers on the bathroom shelf and on top of the stove in the kitchen. Good thing I have a million mason jars lying around! I almost always prefer to use mason jars as vases, one because they are cute and two because they are very cheap. I always buy mine at Michaels for $1.00.

So if you have lots of wilting flowers and a few gems left over, see what areas of your home could use a little pop of color!

Let me know in the comments below what you think, and follow me to see more of my decorating adventures!

Thanks for reading!


My First Post and Second Introduction

Hello readers, to start off, I’ll address the odd title of this entry. This is my first post on WordPress for my blog Little Things (yay!),  and my second introduction post for this blog. Little Thing began back in October on the Blogger, and as of yesterday, I decided to move all of my content to WordPress. So in a way, this is a new beginning! Even though I’ve already introduced myself on this blog, I would like to truly start fresh on WordPress be reintroducing myself and the reason for why I write.

So as I said, I started this blog back in October. I write content about how I decorate my apartment, as well as the process I go through as I decorate. Occasionally, I feel crafty and even make my own decorations and share with others the steps I go through to make them.  So far, that is all I’ve been doing, but I would like to move further with Little Things and possibly include posts about current decorating trends and my take on them. In addition to that, I’d like to write more in the future about my take on articles I read that are related to decorating. I love to read the Magnolia Journal and have found plenty of content within the magazine that I’d be happy to share my view on.

I have been interested in interior decorating since I was about eleven years old. The earliest memory I can recall of being infatuated with the idea was when I was in sixth grade health class. I was in no way interested in paying attention one particular day, and I remember trying to figure out how to entertain myself for the time being, and at one point I asked myself “If you can picture your dream house, the coolest house you can possibly imagine that you could design all on your own (money not being an issue) what would it look like?”. So I took out a sheet of paper and began to draw the living room, I drew in the furniture, the placement of it, I drew where the staircase would be and what the railing would look like, the placement of the windows, everything I could think of. I was so enthralled and excited by this, that I began to draw the kitchen, and then the dining room, the backyard, and even the outside architecture of the house. I became obsessed and started drawing more of these designs, dozens!

I eventually bought a graphing paper notebook and drew several floor plans. I felt weird for enjoying such a hobby, because what could I possibly do with these floorplans? “I’m twelve” I thought to myself, “What purpose do I have drawing up these floorplans if I can’t actually do anything with them?”.  But I would draw them up constantly if I felt the inspiration come over me suddenly. While my friends enjoyed watching MTV or the CW, I was watching HGTV. I was drawn to the challenge of taking a space and using the furniture and decorations to best represent that space and character of the home. I have enjoyed this topic almost my entire life and knew I wanted to do something with it when I grew up.

So here I am now, I am finishing up college and trying to figure out where I want to go with this passion. This blog has been an amazing outlet for me, and I’m so thankful that I have a place to express my creativity. I still have so much growing and learning to do, but I’m willing and eager to be on that journey.

Hopefully you all enjoy what I post, and I’d be happy to receive any comments or criticisms about my content.

Thanks for reading!

Bedroom Makeover

Hello readers, happy Sunday to you all!

This week’s post is one that I’m very excited to share with you, because this is the biggest project I’ve done.

Over the weekend, Kristofer and I rearranged our bedroom. If you have read my introduction entry (my first ever blog post), you know that I want to go into Home Staging for my career. Decorating is something I’m passionate about, and I have been drawn to it since I was about 11. Right now, I’m trying to build a portfolio of my experience, but the problem is that I don’t really have any! I have used Homestyler for my creations, but it isn’t real life, and I know it’s important to have that level of experience in order to be taken seriously for a job.

Saturday morning, Kristofer helped me move some things around in our bedroom so that I could practice for real, and I’m so thrilled with how it turned out!

 This was our bedroom before we rearranged everything. I really don’t know what possessed me to position the bed this way when we moved here, but it has been like this for a while. We had space with this layout, but as you can see, it was narrow, so not the most convenient orientation. Also, the bed wasn’t lined up with the window, and that drove me CRAZY.

This is our room rearranged! We took the bed apart and moved it to face parallel to the window, as you can see. I LOVE this so much more, because now when I’m sitting in bed, I can actually look out of the window rather than face away from it. Nessy is enjoying easier access to the window too as you can see haha. With this orientation, the floor space that we have makes more sense, and it’s less narrow and broken up this way. This makes the room feel more whole rather than chopped up because of our bed splitting the room down the middle.

In the two photos above, you can see that we had our white storage drawers split up and against the walls. We felt like we had too much stuff because of how much space the drawers took up, and it was frustrating. The dresser being parallel to the bed was also cramping the floor space we had too.

After we adjusted the bed, I decided to take advantage of the small area where the door is and I placed the drawers side by side to fill out that wall. I was pleasantly surprised to find that opening the door all the way wouldn’t hit the storage drawers, and it fills up that small area nicely!

I decided to take the crates I used as a bedside stand and place them in the corner with the mirror positioned close by. I had this idea immediately after moving everything else, and I knew that no other placement for these pieces would satisfy me. This is actually my favorite part of the room now! It draws the eye to this area and gives it character. The bedroom has a lot of corners in it and I wanted to soften that up a little bit by making this a bright corner piece.

Another angle…❤

I got these flowers for my birthday last Wednesday and added them to the top for some color, and I also found this printable scripture art and framed that and placed it on top as well. I actually found this free printable from a blogger I follow called Thrifty Décor Chick. She got the idea from There are a lot more to choose from too, you can check her post out here or at the original source.

I am so happy with how the bedroom turned out, it has a much more relaxing vibe to it and it feels more spacious!

Would you agree? Tell me what you think in the comments below, and subscribe by email if you want to know more of what I’m up to!

Thanks for reading!

A Decorative Adjustment That Leaves a Little More Counter Space

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a quick change I made in the kitchen that has made a huge difference, and a lot more space too!

There is a lot of counter space in the kitchen compared to where Kris and I moved from, but for some reason, we still find ourselves complaining that there isn’t any room for things like food preparation or keeping clean dishes out to dry. We have moved things off of or around on the counter in order to have more space, and sometimes we are successful, but other times it’s a pain to not have a specific thing sitting there because we use it frequently and hate having to take it out of a cupboard.

Kris came up with a great idea the other day, and it has made a wonderful difference! We moved the microwave off the counter and onto our food shelf. It’s lower to the ground which looks kind of funny, but now we have a lot more counter space because of it. After that, we bought a couple of food containers with lids that clamp down and we put the food we cook or eat most frequently in them like coffee and pasta noodles.

This was a small change that was necessary for sure! We were able to add a little decorative touch while keeping it useful and helpful all at the same time. I added the chalk labels to the jars for a little more convenience as well. This was only a minor change I suppose, but it’s the little additions or adjustments to a space like these that excite me. They can make a big difference and add so much character and fun. The little things are what inspire me. 😉

Thanks for reading, feel free to let me know in the comments what you think!

A Floral Centerpiece to Welcome the Spring Season

Hey everyone!

I am excited about today’s post, I’ve been struggling with this particular project for quite some time now! My husband and I were given a new (to us) and beautiful dining table by his grandparents a few weeks back. Since that time, I’ve been trying to figure out what I want the center piece to be for the table. I have attempted a few ideas, only to scrap them because they didn’t turn out how I wanted them to.

Today though, I have finally reached success!

I made my way to Michael’s and bought two sets of these white flowers for $8. They were having a 40% sale and I had gift card money left over from Christmas. When I got home I found these cans leftover from last night’s dinner and I painted them a light blue. Once the paint dried, I took a pair of small pliers and cut the flowers down to my liking and then added them to the cans.

After that, I took some leftover ribbon from previous projects and, using a glue stick, wrapped some around the cans for a rustic touch – I’m trying to channel my inner Joanna Gaines 😉  Then, I topped it all off by placing the tree cut piece I already had laying around, and used it as a base, just to make it stand out a little more.

And here you have it!

This was so easy to make, it only took me a little over an hour.

There is currently very little wiggle room in our bank account for anything fun, so I had to be creative with this project. It’s amazing how little time and money I had to spend to make this centerpiece, and it turned out beautiful.

This piece feels like the perfect way to welcome the Spring season and it provides our home with some brightness!

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s post, hopefully it gives you some inspiration for your own home!