Little Things of the Week #3

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Hey readers! This is my second post today, Fridays are almost always the days that I have time, so hello again!

I’m excited to get into this week’s highlights, mostly because that’s all I have to cling to this week. Sad, I know. I got really sick on Sunday with some kind of flu/cold hybrid. I felt awful all week and spent all of my time laying on the couch, I was a congested and feverish mess. Blech! Not a great week for me.

ANYWAY, this post is supposed to be about looking at the positive elements of life, so I will do just that!

Weekly Feature 3-1I took this photo last Sunday, when my husband and I were on our way back home after visiting with family.

That was the first day that I fell ill, and I was NOT doing well. I had taken some Dayquil just a couple of hours beforehand and experienced for the first time what it’s like to take medication that isn’t non drowsy in the middle of the day. It wasn’t unlike being tipsy after having a glass of alcohol. So I was both stuffy and dizzy, a great combination. It did help my symptoms though, so I can’t complain too much.

Anyway, during my hazy state of being, I snapped this photo of a bridge we crossed that overlooks the Willamette River. It was a beautiful day and I have a lot of fond memories of spending my summer days as a child at this river, so it was a comforting view during our car ride home ♥

Weekly Feature 3-4

While I was confined to the living room couch for several days, I did what I could to entertain myself, and I continued on in my adventures with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It isn’t often during the school year that I get to just sit down and take some time to read a good book, and life just sort of forced me to that point this week. I wasn’t in the mood to do homework, and it wasn’t like I was going to my classes anyway, so I took advantage of the time and lost myself in the story. It helped me feel better and distracted me kept me from being sad and grumpy over my circumstances.

Weekly Feature 3-3

This wonderful photo was taken on Thursday. I was still feeling pretty crummy, but I HAD to get out of the house. I was going crazy. So my sweet and wonderful husband packed us a lunch and we drove to the nearest park and enjoyed the sun. We didn’t do very much but walk around and take in the outside, but I enjoyed every moment of it. He decided to be a dork and attempt to put on my sweatshirt and steal my phone and run away with it halfway on his body.

This is why I love him so much, he will go out of his way to look ridiculous, but even though I roll my eyes, he knows that eventually I will start laughing. He provided me with many laughs that I was in dire need of this week ♥

Weekly Feature 3-2Weekly Feature 3-5

I ended this week in a pleasant mood, I had started feeling a lot better and could finally breathe through my nose again. I spent the last day of free time that I had by working on my wedding scrapbook. I have only been scrapbooking for a year, and it has all been on this particular event. I love it! I just want to document everything now so that I can decorate all over the photos! This put me in a calm and relaxed mood, and now I only have three more pages to finish!


This week was certainly difficult, the most difficult I’ve had in a while. But what I appreciate about this time is that my crummy circumstances forced me to slow down and take a break from work and school, because my body demanded it. Sometimes it’s necessary to take those breaks and remember how good it feels to sleep in, how good it feels to lay on the couch , curled up in your coziest blanket with a good book firmly in your grip. I forgot how necessary it is to slow down and turn off the outside world for a bit and focus on what I need, it was a blessing in disguise.

I’m thankful for this week.

Thank you all for reading! Did you have a hard week? A fun and memorable one? What were some negative aspects of it that actually turned out to be a good thing? Let me know in the comments what you think, I would love to hear from you!

Have a great weekend!


Little Things of the Week #1

Blog Weekly Highlights Cover Photo 1_LI.jpgHey readers! Happy Friday to you all! I hope you had a wonderful week ♥ I have something new that I’d like to try on Little Things! It’s going to be a once-a-week feature that I include and I believe that it will enhance my blogging experience, and also help me to be more personal with you all.

Once a week on Fridays, I plan on highlighting positive events that occurred during the week for me. Though I realize that my blog is centered on home decorating, I would like to incorporate more of a lifestyle element to it. I realize the importance of focusing on my theme, and so that is why this will be a once-a-week occurrence. I created Little Things because I appreciate how small, decorative elements within a room can have such a wonderful impact, and I realize now that that is how life should be looked at: Life is too short not to recognize the little blessings in our lives. Though these things can seem insignificant at first, they have a wonderful impact on our overall well being if we choose to focus on them over the negative things. It’s important to take note of the sunshine and fresh air you get to experience on a small walk, or that spare couple of dollars you have to go out and enjoy a cup of coffee, or even a dumb joke shared between you and a friend that brings you laughter every time.

I am a person that experiences anxiety quite frequently, and on rare occasion it can affect my ability to do basic tasks during the day. I have noticed though, that thinking of one or two positive things that highlighted the day for me can make a huge difference. So that is what I plan to do once every week, and today marks the first day!

So without further ado, here are the little things that brightened my week!

Blog Weekly Highlights 1-6

On Monday, life got a little more real for me when I finally picked up my cap and gown for graduation. It has taken five years of late night studying and copious amounts of coffee to finally get me here, but I am so thankful for the journey and SO excited! I’m graduating with a degree in Business Marketing, hopefully some of what I learned will help me grow this blog that I’ve got here, ha!

Blog Weekly Highlights 1-5

Another highlight of the week was watching my spaz of a cat go nuts with this box. I received a package on Monday and gave her the empty box – I also give her the paper bags I use for grocery shopping once I’m done with them, she’s pretty cute ♥ I love watching her tumble around with her favorite toy mouse in the little space the box provides for her, I tried to document it here but once she saw that I had the camera pointed at her, she went for a more serious, professional look. Having a small, furry animal in my life gives me a joyful heart, I’m so thankful for Nessy ♥

This handsome guy in the photo above is my husband Kris. We are both so busy with work and school, and our days off don’t always align which can be a bummer. This week however, we both had Wednesday off from both work and school, so we decided to make that day our date day. We spent the later part of the morning hiking Mary’s Peak in the B.E.A.utiful state of Oregon where we live. It felt wonderful getting to be outside for several hours, especially now that the weather is getting warmer here! This hike made us both sweaty and out of breath, but the view at the top was worth it! We went out for lunch once we drove back in town and found a new favorite place to eat once we finished our meal. I didn’t know a turkey sandwich could taste so amazing, but this restaurant did a fantastic job! Wednesday was a great day.

Blog weekly highlights 1-1

Thursday was a crazy day for me. I had work at 7 in the morning, and because I have to have an hour for the drive there, I got up a lot earlier than 7. After that I had to drive right to school for my Business Leadership class, then back home where I immediately started writing a paper and studying for two tests. As you can probably guess, I was exhausted by the time I got home, and I needed a pick me up real quick. I found a detox drink recipe online that helps clean the body of toxins (my stomach hasn’t been feeling well in the last few days), and I whipped that up before getting started on my assignments. I found this recipe in a top 25 list of best detox drinks (no. 2). You can look at the list here if you are interested. It gave me the energy that I needed and helped me through all of my homework for the day. Also, it was DELICIOUS!

I don’t have a photo for today, but I am considering the entire day as a highlight because it’s my homework-free day and I can do whatever I want. Taking breaks are always helpful, and I seriously need one after this busy week!

Did you all have a good week? Do you have any highlights from the last few days? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading!