Five Inexpensive and Easy Christmas Decorations

Hey all! Do you know what’s crazy? Christmas is in fourteen days….two weeks! How is it almost Christmas time when we literally just celebrated Thanksgiving??

I try my best to enjoy the holiday season every year, really take in the joy and wonder of it all. But sometimes it just goes so quickly and it’s hard to keep up with the excitement. One of my biggest challenges this holiday season has been trying to keep my house festive while working around a tight budget that’s already being stretched by shopping for gifts. It is not easy, but I’ve been able to find some awesome DIY  ideas that I want to share with you guys.

Here are five inexpensive and easy Christmas decorations to try!

1. Jar of Ornaments – My husband and I have many Christmas tree ornaments that weren’t able to fit on our tree this year, so I decided to put some of them in a uniquely shaped jar and set them out as decoration. Simple, easy, and they stand out.


2. DIY Ornaments – This project is a lot of fun, and makes for a sweet date night with a significant other or a group of close friends! Kris and I went to Michaels for a set of plain glass ornaments and decorated them with things like pipe cleaners and acrylic paint. You can even start a tradition of adding a new one to your tree each year! The photos I tried taking of my ornaments are pretty terrible, so I am declining to share them. No professional camera unfortunately. However you can find plenty of other ideas online 🙂

3. Greenery – This isn’t necessarily a Christmas decoration, but it brings some color into your home and can look festive. You can buy a bundle of greenery at the store and place them in a vase as a centerpiece somewhere. I bought these for around $2.00 at Safeway, and I love how they look on my dining table. They command your attention!


4. Pinecones in a Jar – I had some scented pinecones out in a woven basket shaped like a pumpkin during the Fall months. I wasn’t ready to put them away just yet, so I grabbed a mason jar and put them inside as decoration. To be honest, I feel silly for calling this decoration. It’s pinecones in a jar (LOL)…But sometimes I enjoy doing things differently, I personally find this to be simple and adorable. You can gather them outside if you find any, and if you wanted to, you could add some fake snow to the pinecones to make it look more wintery and festive. You can find out how to do this here.



5. Christmas Movie Quote – A fun fact about me: Not only do I speak English, but I am also quite fluent in movie quotes. Anyone who knows me well can attest to this. I take whatever opportunity I see available to reference or quote a movie, so what better way for me to make my home festive than adding a movie quote to my wall somewhere?? I painted this “Son of a nutcracker” sign in reference to Elf. It’s one of my favorite Christmas movies ♥ You could purchase a wood piece for a decent price at a craft store and paint it like I did, or even write in a pretty font on paper, and place it in a frame and hang it up for everyone to see!


I hope these ideas are helpful to all you wonderful readers! There is something special about creating your own decorations for the holiday months, they can become precious memories, and it gives you a chance to spend time with loved ones.

Let me know in the comments what you think, and please let me know about any other decoration ideas you might have. I love trying new things 🙂 Thank you so much for reading!



Floral Frame Decoration

Hey all! Happy Friday, I hope you’re having a fantastic week!

I’ve been busy with school (four more days!!), but thankfully I’ve been able to squeeze some time in to work on decorations for a bridal shower. It’s coming up in a little over a week, and the decorations are coming together nicely!


I decorated this frame a couple of nights ago, the greenery was a last minute decision but I LOVE how it turned out! Sometimes spur of the moment ideas are the best ones.

I took some scrapbooking paper and applied some sticker letters to it and framed that. I wasn’t planning on adding the greenery as I said, but it needed a little something, and I had some leftovers from the Polaroid decoration I made a few days before. So I took some hot glue and applied those pieces to the frame. It’s a nice edition to the “garden party” theme that was requested by the bride.

So if you’re throwing a party and want to have a designated space for cards, gifts, food, etc., adding a decorated frame like this is a fun and unique way to do that. Plus, once the event is over, you can always use it as a frame you keep in your home, maybe somewhere you ‘d like to draw attention to specifically.

This was short and sweet, but I couldn’t resist sharing, I’ve made a lot of decorations so far, and this is one of my favorites out of them all. Sometimes simple things stand out to me the most I guess.

Thanks for reading!



Polaroid Party Decoration DIY

Hello all, happy Sunday! Hope you all had a pleasant weekend.

I have a fun post for you today, and I’m excited to share because this has been one of my favorite projects!

As I mentioned in my last entry, I’m decorating my soon-to-be- sister-in-law’s bridal shower that’s coming up in a couple of weeks! I’ve been pinning away on Pinterest and checking obsessively on the Michael’s website for sales and other great deals.

I made a fun decoration for the shower on Friday and got inspiration from my wedding last summer.


My mother and father-in-law built a polaroid shape out of wood that all of our guests took photos behind, and they turned out great! I wanted to do the same kind of thing this time, so I grabbed a large piece of poster board, some decorative flowers and got to work. And above is the beautiful result!

I’m excited to use this piece because it will serve as a fun memory in photos and also because, if put out front, it is a great way to show arriving guests where the gathering is.

This took me roughly two and a half hours to make, but it was worth it! If you want to give it a shot, you’ll need:

-poster board

-decorative flowers (or whatever you’d like to decorate the board with!)

-letter stencils (or if you’re a rockstar at calligraphy, do what you want. I am not good at that LOL).


-xacto knife

-wire cutters (they worked really well when I cut the flowers from their wire stems! Don’t ruin your scissors!)

-a little background music while you’re hard at work! (I for one was rocking out to some Third Eye Blind)

I fell in love with this idea when I had it at my own wedding, and I really wanted to recreate it. I had fun with it and hopefully it gives you guys some inspiration!

Thanks for reading everyone!