Little Things of the Week #4

Weekly Feature 4-3_LI.jpg

Hey there readers, happy Sunday to you all.

As you probably already know, this post is a couple of days late. This last week was very busy for me, and this weekend I needed to take a breather. By Friday I was on the verge of tears, and I knew that for the weekend I needed to step away from my responsibilities and take some time to rest, so I did just that!

With that being said, I want to make a slight change to this weekly feature. Rather than have these out every Friday, I’m going to give myself a three-day window of time to work on it, that way if I need to take a small break after a busy week, I can do so. Graduation is coming up, and my work week has gotten a little more intense, and I’m having to adjust to all of this and it hasn’t been easy.

I enjoy blogging, and I am so grateful for every person that reads and subscribes to my blog, and I don’t want to let anyone down with inconsistencies, so I feel that this is the best change.

Now that I have said this, I will go ahead and jump into this week’s little things!

Weekly Feature 4-3

I took this photo on my way to work on Wednesday, it was somewhere around 6 in the morning and the sun was just coming up. Because all of my classes this term are in the middle of the day, I had to start working morning shifts. I have to commute an hour between home and work, so if I have a 7am shift, that means I’m out of the door by 6am.

It’s pretty rough having to do this a few times out of the week, but certainly what makes up for it is the hour long drive while the world is still so quiet and peaceful, and getting to see the sun rise is such a wonderful treat ♥

Weekly feature 4-1

I have an embarrassing number of photos of my cat Nessy, but she is my best little pal on the nights I’m home alone while Kris is at work. I had a hard week, and I was exhausted the entire time, and so when I had a couple of hours to just relax on the couch, she napped with me the whole time ♥ I suspect she rediscovered the catnip that’s been sitting in her cardboard box that she plays in, and it mellowed her out, hence her tongue sticking out in this photo, haha! She is a goofball, but it brings me so much laughter and joy.

Weekly Feature 4-2

This last photo was taken on Friday, in between my classes. Friday was crazy, CRAZY. I had two classes back to back, both of which I had to give a presentation with some group members. Public speaking is really difficult for me, so I was a stressed out ball of nerves and constantly on the verge of tears. It was just a lot that day. To make matters worse, I forgot to pack a small lunch with me, so by the start of my first class, I was starving! I texted my good friend Erin and asked her to bring me a sleeve of saltines in between my classes, but instead she surprised me with a taco, my favorite guilty pleasure food. I was so thankful  for her in that moment, and getting to chat with her for a few minutes while I ate really helped calm my nerves. It was exactly what I needed. She is a great friend ♥

That is all for this week, I wish I could have documented more, but as I said I had a lot going on. Regardless, I still had some pretty wonderful moments in this difficult week I could look back on!

Thank you all for reading!





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