Making Your Flowers Last a Little Longer

Hey readers! In this quick post, I wanted to share what I did with the flowers I received for my birthday last week.


So these are the BEAUTIFUL flowers I got last week from my family! I set them on top of the wood crates that sit in the corner of my bedroom. For a better look at what I did, you can look at my Bedroom Makeover entry.

Yesterday I had to throw them away because the petals started falling off and it made a mess all over the floor. I noticed there were a few good flowers still left over, I didn’t want to throw them away so soon, so I decided to keep the ones that are still fresh.

Repurposed Flowers 3

I took the pink roses that were still fresh as a daisy (pun intended!) and left them on the wood crates in the bedroom, along with my lovely framed scripture ♥

There were still plenty more fresh flowers to pick from, so I bundled them up and placed them throughout the apartment.

I placed the flowers on the bathroom shelf and on top of the stove in the kitchen. Good thing I have a million mason jars lying around! I almost always prefer to use mason jars as vases, one because they are cute and two because they are very cheap. I always buy mine at Michaels for $1.00.

So if you have lots of wilting flowers and a few gems left over, see what areas of your home could use a little pop of color!

Let me know in the comments below what you think, and follow me to see more of my decorating adventures!

Thanks for reading!


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