My First Post and Second Introduction

Hello readers, to start off, I’ll address the odd title of this entry. This is my first post on WordPress for my blog Little Things (yay!),  and my second introduction post for this blog. Little Thing began back in October on the Blogger, and as of yesterday, I decided to move all of my content to WordPress. So in a way, this is a new beginning! Even though I’ve already introduced myself on this blog, I would like to truly start fresh on WordPress be reintroducing myself and the reason for why I write.

So as I said, I started this blog back in October. I write content about how I decorate my apartment, as well as the process I go through as I decorate. Occasionally, I feel crafty and even make my own decorations and share with others the steps I go through to make them.  So far, that is all I’ve been doing, but I would like to move further with Little Things and possibly include posts about current decorating trends and my take on them. In addition to that, I’d like to write more in the future about my take on articles I read that are related to decorating. I love to read the Magnolia Journal and have found plenty of content within the magazine that I’d be happy to share my view on.

I have been interested in interior decorating since I was about eleven years old. The earliest memory I can recall of being infatuated with the idea was when I was in sixth grade health class. I was in no way interested in paying attention one particular day, and I remember trying to figure out how to entertain myself for the time being, and at one point I asked myself “If you can picture your dream house, the coolest house you can possibly imagine that you could design all on your own (money not being an issue) what would it look like?”. So I took out a sheet of paper and began to draw the living room, I drew in the furniture, the placement of it, I drew where the staircase would be and what the railing would look like, the placement of the windows, everything I could think of. I was so enthralled and excited by this, that I began to draw the kitchen, and then the dining room, the backyard, and even the outside architecture of the house. I became obsessed and started drawing more of these designs, dozens!

I eventually bought a graphing paper notebook and drew several floor plans. I felt weird for enjoying such a hobby, because what could I possibly do with these floorplans? “I’m twelve” I thought to myself, “What purpose do I have drawing up these floorplans if I can’t actually do anything with them?”.  But I would draw them up constantly if I felt the inspiration come over me suddenly. While my friends enjoyed watching MTV or the CW, I was watching HGTV. I was drawn to the challenge of taking a space and using the furniture and decorations to best represent that space and character of the home. I have enjoyed this topic almost my entire life and knew I wanted to do something with it when I grew up.

So here I am now, I am finishing up college and trying to figure out where I want to go with this passion. This blog has been an amazing outlet for me, and I’m so thankful that I have a place to express my creativity. I still have so much growing and learning to do, but I’m willing and eager to be on that journey.

Hopefully you all enjoy what I post, and I’d be happy to receive any comments or criticisms about my content.

Thanks for reading!


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