Our Coastal Bathroom

Hey guys!

As I mentioned in my last entry, I wanted to share another project with you all.

This one was so much fun, especially because my husband Kris helped me with it. After visiting family last week, we stopped at Michael’s on our way home. I told him that for my next entry I wanted to work on the bathroom a little bit.

As we walked around the store, he said that he would really enjoy having a beach themed bathroom. My first thought was that I don’t really enjoy going off of themes for decorating, unless it’s for holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving or something. But I thought for a moment, and decided that I wanted to give this a shot. One reason being because I didn’t already have a set list of ideas for decorating the bathroom, I was just hoping to stumble across a few items that would strike some inspiration, but that wasn’t happening. Another reason I said yes to the idea is because he honestly surprised me with his enthusiasm and excitement over it. It isn’t that he doesn’t care about how our house looks, he has always supported my passion for decorating, but he just doesn’t take enjoyment out of it like I do. So when he all of a sudden took interest in this project, I saw it as an opportunity to bond with him in a different way.

As we walked around the store, he got all of these ideas in his head about what we could do and he was really excited about them. That was really exciting for me, to see him have fun with something that I really love to do. He stepped into my world a little bit, and it was fun to share with him! The more we brainstormed together, the more excited I became about having our bathroom beach themed. He had a few ideas that I hadn’t thought of that I really loved, and we just had fun together.

I have the best husband ❤

So with that long introduction, here are some photos! There is still a lot more I would like to do in the future, but this was a great start for our beach bathroom!

This is what we got at Michael’s last week. This light gold tray was something Kristofer found, and he also found the frosted glass mason jar to go with it. It serves as a tea light candle holder as well. Very cute! I wouldn’t have found those if he hadn’t wandered off – something he often does when we are out shopping 😉 I also added the little vile of sand and the shell we took from Seaside during our honeymoon.

The Kraken Black Spiced rum bottle was a last minute idea. We had originally picked out a wine bottle from Michael’s to put our mouth wash in. Then I remembered once we got home that we had this empty bottle sitting on top of our fridge, and I thought it would look a lot more fun. We finished that bottle months ago, and I had a feeling I should hold onto it. The octopus illustration is fun and I just wanted to keep it for display. I actually ended up using the wine bottle as a vase that I posted in my last entry here.

I had the wooden crate sitting in the laundry room and decided to place it on the bathroom shelf instead. I wanted to incorporate some wood to the theme and I like how the dark stain allows it to stand out. Above that I added some Gypso flowers to a mason jar and added the last of that ribbon I had to it – you see it all over my other projects. 💝 I added the tree cut wood piece as a base for the flowers. I suppose this area doesn’t quite stick with the theme, but I love how much the wood pieces soften up the room, so I went with it!

That is all I’m able to do with the bathroom for now, but I also wanted to share this photo with you all. Over spring break, Kris and I took a day trip to Newport Beach where I shot this photo. I touched it up a little bit, but I love it and I plan on printing and framing it for the bathroom as well. Stay tuned!
I hope you all enjoyed!


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