Tying It All Together

Hello readers, happy Friday!

The last couple of weeks have been busy, and I have a lot to share. Kris and I have been blessed with a little more in our bank account this last month, so we have been buying a few essentials for the apartment. I was planning on giving my wood working skills a shot, and wanted to build our coffee table based on a simple and stylish design I saw on Pinterest recently. We were going to hold off on that until Spring Break, but we got a little impatient and bought a coffee/side table at Kmart a couple weeks ago.

It was becoming a little frustrating not having anything in front of us to set our drinks or books on, and we just decided it was necessary to go out and buy something simple and easy to put together.

We bought a small and simple dark wood coffee table for about $50, and it was exactly what we needed to tie the room in together just a little bit more.

The smaller side table that matches the coffee table went in the corner between the couch and loveseat. I decided to take this “Flowers and Garden” bucket from the bathroom and set it on the table to hold a couple of our books. It’s one of my favorite decorations and I wanted to show it off a little more. I finally came to the conclusion that it should serve a greater purpose than holding toilet paper…

This small wooden crate is new to our home as of yesterday. My last class got out a little early, and I had a couple of hours to burn before work, so I went to one of my favorite little shops in Monmouth called the Find. They have the neatest home decorations and I love getting to see what’s new there when I have the chance. So I saw this and thought, as you obviously can see, that it would be great to hold all of our remotes with!

I put the wood piece in the corner of the coffee table, along with a couple of decorations Kris and I were given as a gift by his grandparents.

I decided to finish the room off with our wicker basket of blankets placed under the table.

This room is quickly turning into my favorite space! I wanted to create an area with neutral colors and a variety of textures to make it feel warm and inviting. Of course I’m never done decorating anything in my apartment, but I feel like this sitting area has truly come together now that all of the essentials are here like the couches and tables.
There is certainly more to come though, like I said, I’m never finished 😏

Thanks for reading!


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