A Creative Alternative for the Bedside

Hey all, Happy Tuesday! I wanted to write a quick post about a small project I did while we were still in the process of moving. If you remember these from other posts I’ve made, Kris and I have a couple of small wooden crates that were part of our wedding. We kept one as a coffee table and the other two to hold our shoes.

I was planning on throwing them away once we moved because they took up too much space, and we’re trying not to hold onto too many things. I decided to try and use them in a different way, and see if this worked before I threw them out, and so far they have been useful!

I have a small black table that I use next to my bedside, but I found a spot for it somewhere else in the new apartment, so I needed to get creative and figure out what I was going to put next to my bedside. I stacked two of the crates as you can see above, and filled them with some books, my journal, my laptop and a couple of other decorative pieces.

I have been trying to incorporate more wood pieces into our space, to give it warmth, and these crates do just that. It also helps that they match the bed! The third crate may end up getting thrown away, but I’m happy I could make use of these two.  This was a quick five minute project that made a lovely difference.

Thanks for reading!


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