Wonderful Memories Come in Small Packages

Hello and Happy Wednesday everyone!

I am very excited because starting tomorrow, my husband Kris and I start packing for our move next Wednesday! We have been struggling so much trying to live in this tiny, 300 square-foot apartment for the last few months, and the thought of having more space in a few days is something we can hardly wait for. We are so ready to go!

Even though it has been a struggle trying to live here, I can’t help but feel a little sad at the same time. This apartment, though tiny and very old, is the very first space we will have lived in as husband and wife. That, to me, is so very special and should not be taken for granted. In these last five months, I have created wonderful memories here. Kris and I adopted our cat Nessy, and we watched her grow here and shared so many laughs watching her act like a goofball in our tiny living room. We celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple here, and decorated every inch of our home for it (it wasn’t difficult with 300 square feet…). This kitchen is where I learned that my husband has habits that may bother me, but I learned to laugh at and cherish (he leaves the cupboards open, ha!). We have even had some of our best meals in this kitchen.

There is a lot of history here already, but one of my absolute fondest memories will always be that this is the first apartment that I had free reign over to decorate. This is the apartment where I finally had the freedom to let my passion for interior decorating be expressed and worked out. I will always be so thankful for that special opportunity that was given to me. So in honor of that wonderful gift, I want to share some of my favorite home projects that I have done! I hope you enjoy!

Table Decoration DIY

Fun Chalkboard Frame
Wine Bottle Turned Into Vase
 This project wasn’t one that I wrote about, but it is the first piece I put together when we moved in. We went to the beach for our honeymoon and filled a little bottle of sand and brought home a small piece of a shell we found in the water. I decided to display these memories as part of our bathroom décor.


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