Fun Chalkboard Frame

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share a quick post about a little 15 minute project I did this afternoon!

I actually made this about a month ago, except the font was a little fancier than this one. After looking at it for a month, I came to realize that it looked too fancy for me, so I redid it today and used this cool font instead.

I bought both the chalkboard and chalk pen at Michael’s – in case it is hard to tell, I am a little obsessed with Michael’s…;)

This lovely frame now hangs above our dinner table in a little corner. I loved the idea of this family piece when I first saw it at my friend’s parent’s house, except theirs was engraved in a larger piece of wood above their patio door.

I liked the idea of doing mine on chalkboard, I love doing a lot of crafty things on chalkboard honestly. Anyway, this all I have for now.

Thanks for reading!


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