Table Decoration DIY

Hi all, sorry for not posting anything for a few weeks, the holiday season pretty much took up my life and all my free time was taken over. However I am back to my normal schedule, and have a couple of small projects I thought I’d share!

My in-laws gave me some new picture frames for Christmas this year, they are in varying sizes so you can coordinate them differently and come up with a cool wall design. However, since my husband and I will be moving in a couple of weeks, I decided to wait to hang any frames, but I couldn’t resist showing one off on the side table we have next to our couch. I cut out a piece of printer paper to match the small 4×6 frame, and traced out our home state of Oregon, and placed that within the frame. It’s a simple piece but the simplicity of it stands out. Along  with the framed art, I put behind it one of the wired trees I picked up at Goodwill a couple of months back, and thought it worked with the framed piece since all you can see in most areas of this state are trees. Then, I took a mason jar and put a couple bundles of flowers and made that the final touch. These are just a few small pieces that really helped me to warm up our living space a bit.

While the Christmas decorations were still up in our place, I had this big, light-up gingerbread house with characters that would move through it and play music simultaneously, and it filled up the empty space on our table nicely. Then once I took all the decorations down and packed them away, I had this space to fill up again, and decided to get a little creative with it. So I went to Michaels and got this wooden crate and chalkboard stand and put the two together, paired this with another mason jar with flowers and stuck some napkins in there for when we sit down and eat. I tucked in into the corner of the wall where the table is placed, and it fills up the space well and makes eating at the dinner table look inviting. I had a lot of time on my hands today and just wanted to make a couple of adjustments to warm up our tiny space, while we still have time to enjoy it!


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