Miniature Dresser Organizer

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share a quick post about another organization project I worked on a while ago. I actually made this piece before I even started my blog, but I decided to write about it since it was made for the purpose of organizing my hair and jewelry accessories, and as you may know, I’ve been all about keeping things organized lately.

 I bought this small dresser back in August and decided to paint it a combination of mint green and light grey. I don’t remember how much this cost to buy, but looking online right now, it is $8.99, so not very expensive.

I use it to hold my earrings, my hair pins and my hair ties as well. I have so many that I needed to find a space for them where they wouldn’t get lost, and I’m happy with this organizational tool so far!

Hopefully you find this post to be helpful in your quest to be a little more organized around the house!

Also, please let me know what you would like to see more of on my blog, if any of you read it consistently. If not, thanks for taking the time today to check out my page!


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