Bigger and Brighter Kitchen

Hello Readers!

As I said in my last blog post, I was planning on doing some organizing around my apartment. Because it is so small, I am running out of space because my husband Kris and I have different piles of things scattered about the apartment. So this last week I decided to start cleaning up and organizing, beginning with the kitchen.

We recently decided to allot ourselves with $20 each  per week because we are planning on moving into another apartment come February. We are working on budgeting and saving enough money for the down payment. I took the last couple of weeks to plan out how I wanted to change and decorate our kitchen area, making sure I was spending as little as possible. So for those of you who want some decorating and organizing ideas for a decent price, hopefully you find this post to be useful!

This is the finishing product. My ultimate goal was to gain as much counter space as possible, because there is not much of it. The fridge blocks most of the space unfortunately, so we can’t use that area, leaving us with what you see here.

I started out by looking at all of the kitchen appliances we have, and removed the ones that we use the least often. Thankfully there is space above the cabinets, so I moved our food processor, rice cooker, and crock pot up to that spot. This alone made a huge difference! After that, I moved the towel that we keep beside the sink for dishes to dry. I decided we would sacrifice our laziness and just hand dry everything immediately after washing. It’s annoying, but worth the space we are getting. At this point, I began to rearrange and decorate.

I always liked the idea of having a large basket that we could fit a few kitchen items into. I think it looks organized and tasteful, so I went ahead and bought one. Along with the black basket, I bought this white see-through one to put our fruit inside of. Almost any fruit that you can put inside of a see-through basket- be it clear glass or wired like this one, will give you an easy pop of color. I also added a small green vase with a single flower for a little extra color as well. We have a few cook books that we like to refer to now and then, so I included those in the basket which topped it off. If you don’t have any cook books, you might consider adding some other things, maybe packaged food or some spices, possibly some cupcake holders if you enjoy baking. Really anything can work, it’s whatever you want to show off that matters! I was able to add so much in a reasonably sized container that takes up just a little amount of space.

  The wire basket, the plastic 
woven basket, the small green 
vase and the flour were all purchased at the Dollar Tree,
costing only $4. 

This is the corner where all of the kitchen appliances were that I moved. This space was decorated with mostly items that I already had, with the acception of the picture frame. The pitcher on the right is something we used mostly in the summer time, that we don’t use much right now, so I filled it with a few cooking utensils. Yes, this does go against the idea of creating more space. It does seem silly to take something out of a drawer and put in on the counter, however it is still convenient for when I am preparing a meal.

I really wanted to fill in this corner because it is deep and a little decoration helped fill it in. So I placed our recipe box there, as well as some glass Coca-Cola bottles for some color. I feel like the bottles seem random and may look like recycling to most of the readers, but for whatever reason, I love these things. I think they look fun with a couple of flowers in them, or even just on their own like so. It’s just a quirk that I have and I felt like expressing that!  In the very corner I added this painting of Pike Place Market. I actually did buy this at Pike Place Market in Seattle, and it was created by an artist by the name of Ed Newbold. I went to Seattle with a good friend of mine over the summer, and this place is a never- ending town of neat art and other interesting things to buy. There were bath salts and clothing, a store that had movie scripts and magnets with movie and tv show quotes, not to mention all kinds of food.The list goes on! It was such a fun experience! If you have never been, it is so enjoyable and I would highly recommend it! The black frame that I placed the artwork in is also from the Dollar Tree, so if you have any 2D art laying around that you haven’t done anything with yet, these frames are decent quality! Plus this will add a nice pop of color. I rarely ever see pictures just sitting on a kitchen counter and I wanted to try something different.
Overall, this corner of the kitchen is deep, so it was really easy to decorate while maintaining more space for preparing food. In addition, most of these items are things you can most likely find around the house!

If you are like me and are limited for space in all areas including your kitchen and wallet, this post is for you and I hope that you find it helpful. I have many more posts to come and hope that they make a difference in someone’s life, even if it is small!


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