Time to Get Organized!

Hello all and happy Friday! I have nothing to share at the moment except an update. My husband and I have been pretty busy this week with work and school, and most recently, trying to cure our poor cat Nessy of her fleas. Unfortunately I have been unable to work on much this week for my blog. I have been working on a desk area for myself in this tiny living room of ours, I’m proud of it and so ready to share it with my readers (…if I even have any yet…) but I still feel like it could use some finishing touches.

Anyway, with life suddenly getting crazy for us, we have hardly had any time to clean the apartment and get some things organized, but I think that has given me another blog idea. We have all of these junk piles (mail, school work, books, misc. things), and it is giving me an opportunity to find different projects that help us keep things in order! So I will be posting about some organization  tricks in the coming weeks, so please keep reading whoever you are! This will be especially useful for those of you who are on a microscopic budget, because I have become quite skilled at finding random objects around the house and using them for other purposes! Can’t wait to share!


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