Decorative Pumpkins

So this last week was the first week in a long time that I didn’t have to work as many hours, which gave me lots and lots of free time! I am aware that the Fall season has officially started about a month ago, however I have not yet had time to decorate my apartment. So thankfully, with last week giving me so much down time, I was able to get started with making some fall decor.

I am a firm believer in the idea of re-purposing different objects to make them functional again…or to just make them look nice and put them up in my space! So on Friday night, as a last minute decision purely out of boredom, I decided to try out an idea that I read off of Pinterest.

I made these decorative paper pumpkins that took me roughly forty five minutes. They were super easy to make and thankfully I had everything I needed around the house to make them work. So what I did was I took a paper towel roll out of the recycling and wrapped some decorative paper around the roll. I have so many different patterned sheets of paper because I am currently working on mine and my husband’s wedding album. Unfortunately this particular sheet was too distracting from the photos, so I decided to sacrifice this one just on the off chance that I messed up this small project. As I wrapped the paper around the roll, I coated the roll with modge podge and waited a few minutes for everything to dry. Then I cut the roll up so that I was left with several rings, and then I just glued them together in the form of a pumpkin. I kind of did my own twist on these and used paper and burlap to decorate the tops rather than an actual twig (that was reccomended in the pin), and eventually ended up with the final product! I was so pleased with it that I made a second one with  what I had left over! Our apartment still isn’t even close to being ready for the Fall season, but I thought that this was a fun and easy way to get started! 


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