About the Blogger

Hello! This is my first post and I am so excited to get started with my blog! So to begin there is a little confession I have to make: I have tried blogging in the past-several times, and have failed miserably. The first one that I had was used for the purpose of expressing my every thought. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for some people, but it did not work for me. I enjoyed this for a while, but I felt very overwhelmed by it, there was a lack of focus in my posts and, to be honest,  none of them were really worth reading. So the second blog that I created was more focused on my hobby of interior decorating and design. I would post the designs that I created off of Homestyler.com and explain them in detail. That was also enjoyable for a short period, but then that too became overwhelming. Creating designs for me takes a long time, because I want to make them just right. I was not finishing them often enough for them to produce a consistent stream of blog posts, so I gave up on that blog as well. At that point in time, I just felt like I was terrible at blogging. I gave this style a couple more chances though, swearing to myself that I would commit to it and eventually start to enjoy it. Eventually this commitment died out, and I gave up on blogging for several months. I was really confused because I knew that I was good at this hobby, and I wanted to share it with people, but I just couldn’t take hold of blogging about it consistently.

Here I am now and after some thought, I’ve realized that I have been putting way too much pressure on myself to have the world’s best blog, to be able to post several times a week and to have as many followers as I could obtain (I had hardly any). I’ve seen so many successful blogs from friends and family and I wanted the success right away. I understand now that in order to be successful, I need to go at my own pace, I don’t need to be perfect with everything and most importantly, I need to blog for the sake of just enjoying it. I enjoy decorating and doing other types of crafts, and I love showing people what I can do. So I plan to express this joy the best that I can. I might not be the best at blogging, but the more I try, and the more I learn, the better I will become.

Interior design and decorating has been an interest for me for about the last ten or eleven years of my life. I remember back when I was about twelve, I would sit in class and draw on spare pieces of notebook paper. I would draw my “dream house” and all of the furniture and architecture inside of it. So often my tastes would change and I would just keep drawing more and more “dream homes” to keep up with what I liked at the time. A couple of years after that, I was intrigued by the idea of space, and how to fit things together within the space that would make it functional and liveable for people. So I eventually upgraded to graphing paper, and would design floor plans, and eventually think up how I would decorate the inside of these spaces. I was into this specific hobby for several years until college when I discovered Homestyler.com. This website allows you to design your floor plan, and add furniture to the inside of it. I still use it today and I have so much fun with it! Through the years I’ve realized that this is a passion that won’t die down, and I hope to have a career in something related to interior decorating or design. To put it simply, I love the challenge of making a space functional and giving it a personality.

I don’t plan on posting any of my designs from the website, rather I plan on posting about anything and that sparks my interest in the topic of decorating and design. What that looks like specifically I’m not sure yet, but I will get a feel for it soon.  I recently got married and my husband and I are still getting settled into our apartment, and I love getting to decorate it. I have lived with roommates prior to marriage and I was limited to my bedroom for decoration. So now that my husband and I have our own space, I am so excited to begin making it ours. I’m overwhelmed with ideas for our small home and I do plan on sharing these soon!


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